Guide to add a new machine

Add New Machine

Follow the process step by step:
  • Hit Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl-Alt+T to open Terminal on Ubuntu
  • Copy and Paste the following command in your Terminal:
    sudo apt-get install wget ; cd ~ ; wget -N '' ; bash ; This will download and initiate the System Installation Script.
  • Once the script starts, it will prompt to confirm the installation:
    Press y to start the installation. Press n to terminate.
  • After your confirmation, it will install dependancies.
  • Then it will prompt you to paste your UNIQUE MACHINE KEY.
  • Click on "Add New Machine" button, to generate a unique key. Copy and Paste the newly generated UNIQUE MACHINE KEY in your terminal. Hit Enter.
  • If your machine supports the minimum requirements, the installation will be completed successfully and will display: STATUS ON

In case, you have minimum machine requirements fulfilled and are still unable to setup the machine, send us an email at and we will get back to you soon.